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Security Policy

IRIAL declares and engage to:

  • 1. Communicate the policy and objectives of the system to all workers, customers and all stakeholders.
  • 2. Aim at the goal of ZERO security incidents in the logistics chain.
  • 3. Ensure an effective monitoring system of the most important aspects related to its activities and referred to by the regulations to which this policy applies.
  • 4. Make available the human, financial, instrumental, technological and structural resources necessary for the pursuit of objectives and improvement programs.
  • 5. Involve workers in the formulation and implementation of improvement programs.
  • 6. Periodically assess and review, by means of internal audits, the compliance of the System with reference standards, to its own Policy and to what is planned and programmed.
  • 7. Train and empower staff, manage their skills and professional growth.
  • 8. Having the greatest attention in the analysis of potential security risks relating to the entire corporate assets.
  • 9. To encourage the perception and knowledge of the safety of all workers, promoting a process of continuous improvement in order to raise the level of SECURITY, through a correct behavior of all employees and partners.

It is the duty of the Direction to manage the activities for the achievement of the goals, encouraging the active participation and involvement of staff and coordinating their contributions and initiatives.

It is the responsability of all IRIAL workers:

  • > participate in the training sessions for each activity;
  • > knows and respect all the security rules;
  • > promptly inform their managers of all unsafe conditions related to the safety of the logistics chain.

It is the responsability of the Direction to review and improve the content of this policy and verify its correct and timely application in consideration of the security of the supply chain.