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Ethics and Sustainability

IRIAL supports an ethical policy towards of:

1. environment
2. employees
3. community
4. customers
5. suppliers

IRIAL aims at the succes of this policy for each of the points by maintaining excellence in terms of:

1. product design and use of natural resources
2. maintaining a decent, clean, welcoming and motivating workplace
3. charitable and supportive action
4. the quality
5. the payment policy

IRIAL, in particular, invest financial and human resources for the countinuous improvement of operation and the pursuit of the following points:

Reduction in the use of natural resources and prevention of pollution through the circular economy.

Product development phase
Develop new product without the combination of multimaterials, making the product recyclable at the end of its life.
Phase of internal reuse of processing waste
Develop new products using processing wast as much as possible and minimizing the waste that goes to recovery.
Internal waste management
Cataloging and managing waste in order to be able to recycle it correctly and make possible the second life.

Reduction of waste

IRIAL is commited to being an active company in order to reduce natural resources waste: water, gas, energy, paper.
IRIAL is aware that small gestures guarantee great results.
IRIAL is commited to training staff aware of the need of small daily cares in the use of space and materials that will correct waste and misuse of resources provided.

Support to diversity

IRIAL believes in the inexhaustible resource of diversity, skills, ethnicity, gender and thought, these are characteristics that cannot generate discrimination, but comparison and growth.
IRIAL thinks of human dignity as a fundamental principle, according to which every man is gifted with different resources and talents, which must be respected and welcomed.
IRIAL does not believe in superiority and individualism.
IRIAL believes in the sincere commitment on the part of the person, in what they can give while respecting their abilities and believes in respect for others.

Maintaining a clean and ordered workplace

IRIAL aims to experience the corporate environment as a home during working hours. An orderly and clean working environment, in addition to increasing production efficiency and the product’s quality and generate a positive physical sensation during working hours.
IRIAL is committed to creating awareness and commitment to cleanliness, order and care of the work spaces in its employees.

Attention to safety in the workplace

IRIAL believe that the company is a family and for this reason each member is invited to give their contribution for theidentification of risks and prevention of accidents and occupational diseases.
IRIAL welcomes the advice with great enthusiasm and values the suggestions proposed for risk reduction.

Development of workers

IRIAL believes that everyone can have the opportunity to develop their talents within the company by working as an actor and promoter of change.

Support to the external community through engagement activities and charitable acts

IRIAL believes in a social commitment that can help the community through the creation of new jobs and direct support through actions on the territory.

Customer's satisfaction

IRIAL is committed to ensuring that the customer is satisfied, trying to anticipate and understand his needs.

Supplier's satisfaction

IRIAL is committed to ensuring that each of its supplier is satisfied through purchase specifications with shared acceptance criteria and regular payments without delays.

At IRIAL we are passionate about these guiding principles and hold every customer, employee, supplier, external entity accountable and personally responsible for supporting this policy.
Irial Politica della Sostenibilità