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A single industrial partner for the development of each project.

We take care of every phase of every single order: from the study of the design to the development of prototypes, from production to eventual installation and shipping.
Each step of the production process is carefully checked to offer the customer the best solution in compliance with the technical specifications and delivery times.



Based on the concept and/or sketch provided by the customer, IRIAL performs a feasibility study, and then the executive design of the works with definition of all technical specifications.


Based on the technical specifications defined during the design stage, IRIAL provides material samples and then continues with creation of the final prototype.


We directly manage the industrialization and production stages. Any processes that cannot be carried out in-house are assigned to our qualified suppliers. All of the production process stages are carefully controlled from a quality standpoint, in accordance with IRIAL standards and the internal product specifications defined in collaboration with the customer.


Upon request by the customer, IRIAL handles shipping of the product, including all customs requirements, with the collaboration of qualified shipping companies. 
Furthermore, always upon customer request, IRIAL can also directly manage installation of the product with its own work teams and/or be present at the installation site to supervise worksite staff and execution of works.

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