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The aluminium atelier
created inspired surfaces.

IRIAL surfaces are the result of in-depth knowledge of the raw material and a thorough study of different solutions where they can be applied.

We develop every project like a tailor-made suit, starting from the Customer requirements and using the most advanced aluminium processing techniques.

This is why our products, from mosaics to tiles and bas relief panels, cover and enhance the features of any space, whether private or commercial.

IRIAL surfaces combine Italian artistic and artisanal tradition with modern solutions in the planning sector, from design to furnishings, in both the industrial and civil sectors.



IRIAL offers a series of products and finishes to enhance large dimension projects as well as smaller interior design solutions.
IRIAL mosaics exalt the aesthetic features of aluminium and its innate versatility, and can cover various types of surfaces or be installed as splendid modern tapestries.
IRIAL tiles are created entirely in aluminium and are available in satin and decorated versions.
The large sizes and refined colour range make these tiles suitable for modern and sophisticated spaces.
Finally, our baseboards give a touch of class and originality to an element that is often taken for granted, but that also has an important aesthetic impact.


IRIAL creates surfaces for modern, refined projects and locations, engineered to enhance the design quality and creativity of the project.
Metallic surfaces offer suggestive light effects depending on where they are installed, if on the floor and walls, and can also cover doors and windows to create innovative solutions.
The warm finish of metal combines perfectly with environments designed to communicate emotions, taste, elegance and beauty.
IRIAL processes and realizes each single project with the utmost attention to details, with the objective to fully satisfy the requirements of the customer.
The ideal partner for defining the design in any space.


IRIAL mosaics and decorative panels express all the charm and unsurpassable style of modern tapestries.
The creative possibilities are infinite, just like the applications that can be used in any room of a home, office or commercial space.
IRIAL mosaics are created with aluminium sheets in various sizes and colours according to the design plan and space.
Light and bright, IRIAL mosaics and decorative panels represent an original solution for designing with an unmistakable made in Italy flavour.
IRIAL offers complete consulting services to create the best decorative solution based on the characteristics of the space and the specific needs of the customer.


IRIAL surfaces can also be used in advanced industrial design projects.
Their light weight, flexibility and multiple finishes ensure amazing results, from an aesthetic and functional standpoint.
IRIAL has the skills to support and accompany the development of prototypes up to realization of the finished product.


The light weight, versatility and anti-corrosive quality of aluminium makes it an extraordinary material for interior yacht design.
IRIAL designs and created furnishing components in various finishes for motorized yachts, sailboats and cabin cruisers in various dimensions, always under the aegis of beautiful, refined aesthetic quality.
IRIAL surfaces combine perfectly with the taste and needs of those who love the sea.


This is the new line of decorative panels created for the home.
IRIAL Home has been created to respond to the desire for a new and original range of easy to install décor elements in a unique style.
IRIAL Home decorative panels are the fruit of a careful selection of subjects and artistic styles and excellent quality printing.
The IRIAL Home catalogue is available for online purchases at the new website: www.irialhome.com.

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