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Instructions for the visitor

IRIAL recognizes that a work environment able to adequate protection of people and company assets against loss due to intentional and involuntary destruction, theft or damage is fundamental in company management.

For this reason the protection of own assets (real estate, IT and securities) is of fundamental importance in carrying out its business in order to achieve its business objectives while respecting and protecting its own expectations and those of its customers.

To achieve this goal, we warn you that the&nbspoutdoor area is protected by a circuit of video-surveillance cameras with continuous recording and by anti-intrusion system with direct connection with security institutes.

Entrance instructions:

  • 1. Access to the structure is allowed only if accompanied by a company contact of IRIAL whose instruction you are request to follow.
  • 2. Visitors are prohibited from taking any type of audio and video material (photos and videos) inside the premises or outside the structure.
  • 3. It’s stictly forbidden smoke inside the building.
  • 4. You will have access to the toilettes that will be indicated and to which you will be accompanied.

Confidentiality agreement

During the visit at the IRIAL facilities it’s possible to directly or indirectly become aware of propriety or confidential information (including, but not limited to, information regarding technology, procedures, equipment, design and specification) that are not generally knows to the public.

Given the authorization to visit the IRIAL facility, the visitor accept to:

  • – Don't disclose or otherwise make available to others any confidential information learned during this and any subsequent visit.
  • – Don't use or help others use or further develop in any way, any confidential information.
  • – Don't use camera or videocamera to share confidental information.

By accessing the facility, the visitor declares to recognize and understand the Health and Safety Instructions and the Non-disclosure Agreement.